Dr. Careen Rascher

Qualifications and Experience

Dr. Careen Rascher is a Psychiatrist and Sexual Medicine Specialist – the only doctor with these qualifications in South Africa!   She practices from the Bryanston branch of My Sexual Health.  She is a Fellow of the European Committee for Sexual Medicine, a member of the South African Sexual Health Association (SASHA), the European Society for Sexual Medicine as well as the International Society for Sexual Medicine.


Dr. Rascher is passionate about mental health and all aspects of sexual well-being, She specialises in the overlap between psychiatry and sexual medicine. Her particular areas of interest include low libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, painful sex and transgender people.

Educational Talks

If you are interested in a frank and informative talk about sexuality, book Dr. Rascher!  She is passionate about the topics she discusses and has the special ability to make complex issues easily understandable.  She welcomes any questions and encourages group discussion.

In the Media

Dr. Careen Rascher writes for various publications in South Africa including Specialist Forum, Medical Chronicle and Longevity and has been quoted in Women’s Health Magazine, Mamas & Papas Magazine, Sabinet and Classicnews.co.za.  She is available for expert opinion on related topics in the media.


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